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Welcome to my home

My name is Maria Ketty and for 14 years I have been passionately running the B&B Bologna nel Cuore. I was born in a little town in the Dolomites but I'have been living in Bologna since I was 8. I learnt to deeply know and appreciate this city and from this was born  the idea to open my apartment to the world, to offer an innovative kind of hospitality. 

I provide a warm and friendly welcome and I'm available to help my guests during during their stay while also maintaining the utmost respect for their privacy.

In these years I had the pleasure to host receive and enjoy the company of people coming from different places, with different cultures and of varying ages, and my objective was always to take the best care of them possible. I love to do that. Every time new relationships are developed  and new memories are created. It's nice to know that a fragment of me is traveling in the heart of those who passed through: Bologna nel Cuore! No one easily forget a happy moment.

14 years from the birth of Bologna nel Cuore, I love to welcome guests with the same warmth and desire to offer them precious ideas to venture in the discovery of Bologna.

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Bologna nel cuore. B&B e suites di charme


B&B "Bologna nel Cuore" di Maria Ketty Bonafini

Via Cesare Battisti 29, 40123 Bologna, IT

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