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10 Things you must Eat in Bologna [Italy]

The list of things to eat in Bologna is truly endless. Because of its position in the fertile region of Emilia Romagna and its history as the oldest university in the world, Bologna’s food culture is renowned in the whole country and in the whole world!
First staple of its food culture, the fresh egg pasta. From Lasagne, to Tagliatelle, but also Gramignia or Tortellini, there is a lot to taste and they’re incredibly tasty. They are sometimes dressed with meat sauce, the famous “Bolognese” called ragù, but also broth or cream. The bolognese cuisine also heavily relies on pork meat and cheeses coming from the whole region: ham (prosciutto) and Parmesan from the neighbour city of Parma, dried sausage (salumi), or the famous Mortadella, sometimes called Bologna in English. The nearby vineyards provide sparkling white wine such as Pignoletto but also sparkling red wine like the Lambrusco.

During your trip in the Italian city of food called La Grassa (the fat), here are what you should not miss!

#1 Tagliatelle al ragu: the original spaghetti alla bolognese are actually fresh egg pasta and not spaghetti
#2 Lasagne: not only this famous pasta dish comes from Bologna, but you will also discover that the pasta is originally green thanks to spinach
#3 Tortellini al brodo: one of the most iconic pasta of Bologna, those little bags are stuffed with prosciutto and cheese and served in broth
#4 Gramignia alla salsiccia: those little spirals of pasta are served with a sausage based sauce and it’s just delicious
#5 Mortadella: this famous and large Italian sausage, seasoned with myrtle berries and pistaccios is the specialty of Bologna
#6 Cured Pork Platter: produced from all around, the region supplies Bologna with delicious prosciutto such as Parma Ham, dried salsiccia, lard and more.
#7 Piadina: this flat bread comes from the Romagna region, and is generally stuffed with ham, fresh cheese, or vegetables. This is the typical sandwich of Bologna
#8 Tigelle: they looks like mini pancakes but they are salty. Filled with cheese, figs, or hams, they will go along your aperitivo during the whole night.
#9 Torta di riso : the most famous cake of Bologna is made out of rice, amaretto and almonds. It’s just delicious and the perfect companion to your coffee
#10 Sparkling wine: it’s not to eat, but wine definitely belongs to the Bolognese food culture. Try out some of its sparkling wine such as Pignoletto and Lambrusco!

Enjoy your trip and your meals! Buon appetito!

Bologna extraordinary every day...


A Day in Bologna

Imagine a place where you can experience the essence of "Made in Italy": culture, food, music and motors.

Imagine starting your day somewhere in Bologna: in a square having a capuccino, in a pasta shop making fresh pasta with a sfoglina, on the hills taking a stroll or in a motor factory feeling the vibe of engine…

Imagine walking in that protected path made of porticoes, or biking down the medieval streets, entering in a library, a museum, climbing towers or having fun in a park…

And now imagine ending your day sitting and relaxing in a bar or a restaurant enjoying the warm atmosphere, going to a concert, the opera or watching a movie under a blanket of stars…

If you imagine a place you can go there. #BolognaYourDestination

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Bologna, with its 35 km of architectural arcades called Porticos, which include the wooden ones of the medieval houses, the bold, strict ones from the three or four hundreds, the Renaissance or baroque ones and the almost 4km-long one which connects the city to the San Luca sanctuary, is unique in its style and architectural range which makes it one of the most charming cities in the world.

the 4 names of bologna

DOTTA” (learned) for its University which was founded in 1088. It is the oldest in Europe along with Paris’ one and it is famous for its law teachers.

TURRITA” (towered) for the numerous (more than one hundred) towers that stood inside the city’s medieval walls. From the forest of towers which made Bologna famous,  there are still many towers standing, including the Asinelli and Garisenda towers, called the “Due Torri” (two towers) which are still today the symbol that represents Bologna in the world.

ROSSA” (red) for the warm shades of red and ochre that can be seen on the roofs of the houses which create an attractive and snug atmosphere.

GRASSA”(fat) for the rich, Bolognese gastronomy including the various tasty specialties which share international fame.

The city of Bologna preserves traces of past civilizations and traces of medieval splendour. It is the perfect mix of antique and modern which immediately strikes those who visit Bologna. It is a city that can associate monuments to historical buildings with a strong cultural value which is always open to new stimuli and new horizons thanks to its cosmopolitan nature created by the presence of the old University.

There is a lot to discover in Bologna. it is rich in history but outside of the classic tourist itineraries. Not many know that during the Middle Age, Bologna was a significant European city. Its center, littered with towers, could have been compared with modern-day Manhattan. 

It is well known to everyone the gastronomic vocation of Bologna and of its territory. It is with pride that I love to suggest to my guests the best restauranst, shops and markets whereit is possible to buy typical products from the bolognese gastronomic tradition, which has made Bologna famous in the world.  

With the aim to make your stay in Bologna more pleasant and interesting, I specifically selected and studied the following  itineraries whihc are divided by theme. 

Discover all of them in the Itineraries section


go italy - bologna 2014

bologna city of food


Food is one of the identities of Bologna, recognized at an international level.
City Of Food is a project created to coordinate all of the food initiatives that take place in the metropolitan area of Bologna, building synergy is essential to reinforce the objectives of territorial marketing.
The goal is to promote the city of Bologna food starting from the appointment with the Expo in 2015 and beyond.

flying over bologna


Torre Prendiparte - video a volo d'uccello su Bologna

Suggestiva video-ripresa a volo d’uccello della turrita Bologna realizzata utilizzando un drone.

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