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2 October - 28 February 2016

palazzo Albergati,Via Saragozza, 28
host to the Flemish art of the Brueghel dynasty

After the hugely popular exhibition M.C. Escher, guest again until July 19 at Palazzo Albergati, fresh news is that in the same space you can admire the exhibition Brueghel - The Artists of Wonders, which will open on October 2 to remains in Bologna until 28 February 2016.
Also organized by this Arthemisia Group, the exhibition will provide a broad overview of the organic and the masterpieces of Brueghel dynasty. The lineage of artists, active between the sixteenth and seventeenth century, has created a vision of man, of humanity and of the spaces, from time to time realistic, visionary, grotesque, whose suggestions, immediate and rich in expressive details, They have often gone beyond the boundaries of painting. In Tarkovsky's masterpiece Solaris, he finds the painting "Hunters in the Snow", even to the movies, most recently, the film The Color of Passion brings the viewer in "The Road to Calvary", while in the literature is the famous intense description and reflection in DeLillo's Underworld, focused on "The Triumph of Death."
Through a large number of works from national and international collections, you rebuild the wonder of Flemish art in a path that touches the works of Brueghel the Elder, influenced by Hieronymus Bosch, the sons Pieter the Younger and Jan the Elder up to subsequent generations.

Further information and updates on Brueghel 
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